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DIY 3D Star

I made these 3D stars to use in our holiday decor for Eid-Al Adha. These were made in one of my nights of third trimester insomnia. I got up around 2AM when the hubby and munchkin were in dreamland, and if it wasn’t for the process of tracking and photographing the steps i would have been done in under 15 minutes- possibly less! This was honestly one of the quickest crafts I have ever made. If you don’t want the nitty gritty details of how to make them you can just watch the video here or click the image above ^. Otherwise i broke the steps down below.



  • Thick craft paper
  • Star template
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Scissors



(1) Choose one of your craft papers.


(2) Trace the star stencil onto the back of your craft paper. I ended up using one of my daughters foam stars that we had left over from a previous project.


(3a) You can either cut out one of the stars that you traced the stencil on….


(3b) or if your scissors are sharp enough and you trust your cutting skills you can do what i did and layer your papers and cut them all at once.


(4a) You dont need to make anymore lines, I just traced my folds so it can be more visible to you. Start folding the points of your star in half and stop midway. DO NOT go all the way across.


(4b) Make sure you are folding it printed side up.


(4c) Stop midway. DO NOT go all the way across. (Emphasizing)



(4d) This is where you need to stop creating a crease. (Emphasizing)


(4e) This is what it should look like after you make the first crease. Go all the way around and do the same to all 5 points.



(5a) Again this is just so you can see my creases and use it as a guide, you do not need to draw or write anything anymore. You will next fold along the dotted lines.



(5b) Make sure this time you are folding with the back side up, and only going midway. Continue all the way around making 5 creases.


(6) Flip your star facing printed side up and pinch along the creases you made for the 5 points. This will start giving your star dimension.

(7) Flip and pinch along the shorter creases.



(8) One star, two star, four star, and before I knew it all 5 of my stars were complete!

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