ISNA 2013 Photo Post

:ISNA 2013:
4 days
& a whole lot of exhibitors

I know this post is long delayed, and i apologize. The weeks since ISNA convention have been filled with shows, events, weddings, babies & holidays which meant very limited time to spend online. Today i went through my pictures and put together a photo post about ISNA 2013 weekend including all the lovely people i met! Conventions are always so invigorating seeing all the talent and amazing products in/by our community in one place. I met the fabulous Winnie Detwa and Nura for the first time, got to catch up with YaztheSpaz, and an old friend from my college days Sana of ModHijabi, had my picture taken by RidzDesign, and see the new hijab collection by my friends at Kotton Love. It was definitely a weekend to remember, unfortunately my camera wasn’t always available to capture it.

I plan on posting more regularly now that the hecticness has passed, and InshAllah catch ya’ll up on all the other events which kept me offline. Hope you enjoy, i know i did going through all the pictures and reminiscing about ISNA 2013!

25% setup










Convincing the mum 🙂
Ith-nains, Ith-nains, & more Ith-nains!
Formal pieces & Stick Pins
Stunning new stick pin pieces debuted at ISNA 2013
Dress: NiMi Pasha Dress


ISLAMICGEMS Ith-nain Pin- Sold out at the Event
Met the amazing Winnie Detwa
Excited about her new Ith-nain purchase
Wearing her purchase from last year- links dangle stick pin
Loving her new purchase
Doesn’t she look precious in our formal piece? She was considering it for graduation.
ISNA 2013- The bazaar had more then just some unique shopping 🙂
Checking out her new Thalatha…
…and is very satisfied!
The fabulous makeup artist Nura trying on ISLAMICGEMS newest formal piece
Wearing her newest pin- ISLAMICGEMS Circle Dangle Stick Hijab Pin
Prayer break on our drive back home <3



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