It’s (was) NYFW!

When i first started this post it WAS New York Fashion Week, since then as you know i got caught up in a jumble of events- including this show. Relief on the Runway is a charity fashion show held bi-annually. I’ve participated twice Alhamdullilah,  both times here in NYC and this year was definitely different. This year the show was raising funds to support ICNA RELIEFS Women’s Shelter located here in Jamaica, NY. The fashion show took place on September 6, 2013 on a Friday and was actually listed on the fashion calender!

Can you find where Relief on the Runway is?
Can you find where Relief on the Runway is?

The days leading up to the event was spent in a studio in midtown Manhattan by the designers, stylist, and producer putting all the looks together. It was an amazing experience and i felt like i was back in my F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) days.

Suraya Mahumed of Nahda Designs & Aushim Raswant of 3V Creative

The day of the show was an enjoyable blur. I began by prepping all my pieces and got my outfit ready. I decided on wearing my Rabia Z. abaya with a milk chocolate brown scarf. I added a faux suede fur vest, ISLAMICGEMS Ith-nain II in noir, and my JustFab heels. Oh and how could i forget my YSL arty ring!

Colors for the Night
Colors for the Night


When hubby and i arrived at the venue, everyone was hustling and bustling getting prepped and all setup for the show before the guests started to arrive. We joined right in and started on our displays.

Runway being setup with lighting
Test walk in progress
Designers getting setup while other designers have a photo session
International Press Agent Marcy Clark of YellowSky Agency (right) & Stylist Engie Hassan of EngieStyle were busy busy bees.
Hubby adding some finishing touches to ISLAMICGEMS display
Hubby adding some finishing touches to ISLAMICGEMS display
All set!
…and the red rope is up!

We finished just in time to see the first few guests come strolling in. There was about 30 minutes before the red rope came down and the guest were allowed in. The guests spent this time mingling and meeting with the designers who were being showcased that night. I met some great new people along with old. It is always a pleasure meeting with Sadeel of Sweet Modesty who came with her dear friend Zainab Ismail of Nadoona. I also got to spend some time chatting with Jennifer Swanson from Zink magazine who traveled all the way from Texas.

Jennifer Swanson from Zink trying on ISLAMICGEMS formal piece
Zainab Ismail of Nadoona in the stunning tropical scarf
A sister i previously met at ICNA2013. Love love her color block dress!
Helping a guest (who is also on the board for D.C fashion week) complete her look with an ISLAMICGEMS pin
Deciding between ISLAMICGEMS color block stick pin….
or ISLAMICGEMS Faceted Tear Drop Stick Pin.
Another jewelry designer visiting from Texas trying on ISLAMICGEMS formal piece.
Guests checking out ISLAMICGEMS pieces


When the rope came down and the guests entered i took a quick prayer break and followed right behind, getting a seat in the second row. The first row was reserved for V.I.P guests & press. As the show began i was really excited to see ISLAMICGEMS jewelry on the runway. Unfortunately i wasn’t sitting at the proper angle to take a decent picture of the pieces on the models, but i did get backstage in time to get a few shots and my hubby was able to photograph my favorite outfit of the night walking the runway!

Guests finding their seats and settling in
Finally getting a moment to read the program for the first time after arriving at the venue.
Abaya: Rabia Z.
Hijab: Local Find
Vest: Local Find
Shoes: JustFab
By far my most favorite outfit of the night!
Stunning dress on the runway
Another one of my favorites

After the show backstage was buzzing with excitement, it was great to meet the models and take a few pictures with them & of them! Outside the guests continued to mingle where i met designer Nzinga Knight whom I’ve previously met at a POLY-NYU event. A few purchases were completed, contacts were exchanged, & new friends were made. As the lasts guests left the venue the shoes came off and wrap up began. It was a successful event on many levels. The show was able to raise $21,000 between donations and pledges for ICNA Reliefs Womens Shelter. A cause well deserving of it! I’ve also got some exciting news for the next Relief on the Runway, but I’ll leave that for another post 😉

backstage craziness
Backstage photo shoot
Model wearing ISLAMICGEMS pin
Closeup of ISLAMICGEMS Ith-nain
Suraya Mahumed of Nahda Designs (left)
Designer Nzinga Knight
and when the shoes come off, the night is complete.


A little humor below which I would like to leave you with! Enjoy!


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