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Ramadan 2018 – Home Tour

I love to decorate my home for Ramadan. Well I love decorating period, but I really look forward to decorating for Ramadan. I love building an atmosphere that will excite my kids and liven up our home. Something that will motivate my family to enjoy growing spiritually this month. If you’ve been following along with me you’ll know every piece I use in my home has to be functional not just ‘pretty’. That’s just what I did while decorating this time around as well. Since I wanted to build this specific atmosphere, every piece of decor I’ve added is aiming to do just that.

FOYER: I received this wall hanging from ‘Modern Eid‘ and found it to be perfect for our front door. The calligraphy on it mentions Ramadan and Eid and is just what I needed to welcome guests and share with neighbors our joy of welcoming the blessings of Ramadan & Eid into our room. I added some florals to give it a touch of spring and hung it right up! Hop on over to my highlighted stories on Instagram to see how you can make your own.


FOYER: Close up of the floral wall hanging. Since don’t buy don’t need is a priority when I’m redecorating I shopped my home for these florals which came from last years Ramadan wreath that I made.


FAMILY ROOM: I’ve set up a vintage type writer where I leave quirky or inspiring notes. I will be swapping it out throughout the month with weekly spiritual reminders for our family. You can check out what I had up previously 😏.


FAMILY ROOM: Trying to be a minimalist we don’t have much furniture in our family room. That means our TV console is 1 of 3 surfaces available to decorate. It’s also the largest surface so I’ve placed the bulk of our decor here. One side has a tool box my girls built and painted to collect charity. The other end has some books for us to read and discuss right before opening our fast. Each page is a super easy to read sentence or two.


FAMILY ROOM: I got these books (green, blue, red)  a few years back as a gift for hubby. We’ve independently gone through them but this will be the first we read them as a family.


FAMILY ROOM: This is the vintage toolbox my girls made. I placed two jars inside for them to gather donations. I also placed some prayer beads to be used by anyone.


FAMILY ROOM: This is a small area setup just for the kids. My 2 year old will be marking off her Eid countdown with stickers, while my 7 year old will be marking off her prayer tracker with stickers. I’m actually doing a prayer tracker (on my phone) as well. If it helps motivate her it’ll help motivate me too! I’ll also place some treats and goodies for them in these super cute and roomy Ramadan stockings which are available at Inspired Home Co.


LIVING ROOM: This room of ours only gets used while hosting ‘formal’ guests or during Eid. I’ve set up our DIY aquarium to collect all our gifts. I like to take a few gifts out every few days and place them here to get the girls excited about seeing them accumulate. I teach them about giving to others and the joy we feel by gift giving by having them choose gifts for family and friends and wrapping them and placing them here themselves.


LIVING ROOM: The star and mini lanterns are from IKEA. The star garland is from Amazon.


LIVING ROOM: Star all lit up.


DINING ROOM: This is another room that only gets used when hosting a large crowd or during the holidays. I knew in the upcoming days and this room being used more I didn’t want to worry about cleaning and upkeeping another room. I put away my formal fabric table runner and DIYed a formal disposable one. I also added a gratitude wall for our family to write on each evening.


DINING ROOM: Disposable table runner was made with doilies I had at home from my cake making days.


DINING ROOM: I used the same doilies on our wall. Each day before opening our fast we will as a family write what we are grateful for that day on one of the doilies. At the end of the month we can look back and see all our blessings in one place.


DINING ROOM: I dressed up the shelves in the room housing all my formal dinnerware with fairy lights and mini crescent lamps.


BEDROOM: I brought a little decor into our bedroom so we have a visual change to motivate and go along with the spiritual change we are working towards. I added some of the IKEA mini lanterns I had along with the two stars. The banner is from Modern Eid and comes with the letters E-I-D as well.


BEDROOM: Star light all lit up.


BEDROOM: Mini lanterns all lit up.

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