DIY, Ramadan/Eid

D.I.Y Personalized Shirt (Ramadan)


Exacto Knife
Fabric Paint
Sponge Paint Brush
Stencil of Choice


(1) Print out your choice of text onto card stock and then use the exacto knife to cut out the letters. Now you can use the cardstock as a template.


 (2) Place a thick barrier inside the shirt to prevent the paint from seeping to the backside and place your template onto your shirt.


(3) Next pour out a teeny tiny bit of paint onto another surface and dip your sponge paint brush into it. Only pick up a small amount of paint. You can always go back for more and with light pressure sponge the paint onto the stencil pushing up and down. Add paint onto your sponge paint brush as needed. Wait a few seconds (about 10) and gently peel off the stencil.


(4) Once the paint is dry for the text do the same with your second paint choice. Pour it out onto a different surface and use your sponge paint brush to pick up a small amount. Place your design stencil onto your shirt and sponge on the paint with light pressure. Wait about 10 seconds and lift off the stencil.

(5) Let it completely dry and then enjoy wearing it!

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