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Ramadan Crafts- Dhikr Beads

Today was the first day of summer school where i am teaching art. This is one part of the year i really look forward too, i love working with the kids and sharing my love for art with them. When creating my projects for this summer i wanted to keep the fact that Ramadan is quickly approaching in mind. Today’s project was to help prepare them for their ibadah. Each student created their own dhikr beads. I actually tested this project with my 2- 1/2 year old and she loved it. It helped reinforce her numbers, colors, & she was very excited to have her own since she sees us using one. She was able to string the beads on her own (it did take a while to do), counted to 10 to make sure she has the right amount, and we made a little game out of finding the colors she needed which she had chosen. I helped her through the project but she was doing most of it herself as i lead her through the steps.

photod copy

The students this year ranged from age 4-15. I had the younger ones create dhikr beads using 3 sets of 10 and the older ones used 3 sets of 33. They all Alhamdullilah really got into it, and created some colorful pieces.


photo5 copy photo photo4 copy

photo3 copy photo2 copy

photo1 copy



photo 4 copy

Here’s how you can create your own dhikr beads or help your kids make some.

You will be needing:

10 beads color A
10 beads color B
10 beads color C
5 beads color D (Different shape from beads A,B, & C)

Thread the first 10 beads of color A through the lanyard.
Add 1 color D bead.
Thread the next 10 beads of color B.
Add 1 color D bead.
Thread the next 10 beads of color C.
Tie both ends of the lanyard into a knot leaving some room for the beads to move around. You should have about 3″ of lanyard remaining from both ends.
Bead 3 of color D beads through both ends of the lanyard.
Continue to tie knots until the ends are secure.
Cut remaining lanyard.

Even though i designed this project for kids it can easily be modified for adults. Just use higher quality beads along with nylon beading thread to make your own dhikr beads. I would also increase the bead count from 10 to 33.


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