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5 Tools to Get You Started With Beginner Woodworking

When we first began our DIY lifestyle all hubby owned was a generic tool kit. The DIYs took a lotttt longer but that didn’t stop us! With each project he would purchase an investment tool and now has built a great tool library— which according to him still isn’t complete. 😉

Having the right tools for a project helps save time and effort by a whole lot and we always get asked about what tools are great for beginners. Since we’re in the middle of a woodworking project I thought I could pick hubbbies brain about woodworking tools. I asked him what would be his must have woodworking tools if he could only have one of each type and this is the list he came up with!

1) Circular Saw:

A circular saw is a hand held saw you can use to cut wood and other materials (using a different blade) without being restricted in size. We’ve cut through full 4’x8’ sheets of wood as well as smaller skinnier pieces.

2) Drill/Driver:

A drill is the first tool any person should own.  It’s the most used tool and is going to help you join those pieces of wood with ease.

3) Palm Sander:

A palm sander is easy to use and gets the job done. You can swap out different grit sand papers to give your project a smooth finish.

4) Accu-Cut:

The Kreg-Jig Accu-Cut is our most recent addition to the tool library and it’s made a world of a difference. Since a circular saw is hand held and you are the guide to creating the cut your hand can sometimes waver or start angling. The accu-cut has simplified and sped up our cutting time by being the guide for us!

5) Pocket Hole Jig:

A pocket hole jig helps make precise pocket holes at the correct angle. It takes the brain work out of joining two pieces of wood. We use this jig in pretty much every wood working project and the best part is that it creates strong but not permanent joints!

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