Game Schooling Master List

There are so many aspects of homeschooling and so many ways one can learn. Game schooling is one way we make an effort to dedicate one day too. No matter how old you are everyone enjoys a good game and so Ive created a master list of all the games we play during game schooling and/or family game night (or as many as I could remember) and 16 games I’ve got on our wishlist!

Games We Love:

1) Quadrillion

2) Spelling Bug

3) World Monuments

4) Make 7

5) Guess Who

6) Words With Friends

7) Jenga

8) Drill Activity Center

9) Cranium

10) Sorry

11) 100 Classic Games

12) Hang Man

13) Classic Card Games 

14) Dominoes

15) Scrambled States of America

16) Kids on Stage

17) Carom

18) Names of Allah Matching Game

19) Fishing

20) Dragon Race

21) Blokus

22) Perfection

23) Brain Teasers

24) Who Drew It

25) Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego

26) Hungry Hungry Hippo

27) Candy Land

28) Mastermind

29) Clue Master

30) Yahtzee


Games We Want:

1) Zingo

2) Story Craze

3) Ticket to Ride

4) Continent Race

5) Proof

6) Games of the Sates

7) Sushi Go

8) The Builders

9) Clue

10) Cytosis

11) Timelines

12) Prime

13) Money Bags

14) Sleeping Queens

15) Rat-A-Tat-Cat

16) Sum Swamp

I’ll come back to this post at a later date and add a few words next to each game sharing how we use them for our schooling until then enjoy rummaging the list!

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make any purchases through my links I get a teeny tiny commission at no expense to you.

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