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DIY Lunar Phase Doormat + 3 Lunar Doormats for The Non-DIYer

I saw this lunar phase doormat which would have been perfect for Ramadan but it was only half the phases. I decided on DIYing my own to show the full span of a month and am so happy with the way it turned out. I can’t wait to put this out on the first of Ramadan!



Door Mat
Measuring Tape
Round Stencil
Round Sponge & Fine Paint Brush



(1) Use your measuring tape and chalk to find the centerpoint of your doormat and mark it horizontally and vertically.


(2) I used a piece of cardboard to create my template by cutting a circle out.


(3) I used the round sponge paint brush and the template to paint the full moon in the center where the horizontal and vertical line meet.


(4) I painted the rest of the lunar phases using the template painting less and less surface area as the phases got smaller. I also used a finer paint brush to do any touchups.


This was such an easy DIY and I’m really looking forward to putting it out. The first time I made a doormat was this one for Fall and even though that one didn’t work as planned I learned a lot from it which made this one super easy to do!


If you’re limited on time or just not into DIYing I found 3 doormats that would be equally moontastic!

1) Lunar Half Phases

2) Floral All Phases

3) Lunar All Phases

If you make your own doormat I would love for you to share it with me!



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