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DIY ‘With A Spin’ Cards Using A Rolling Pin (Sponsored)

As soon as I saw the new rolling pin ‘With A Spin’ came out with I knew I wanted to transfer an abstract version of that beautiful pattern onto something. The perfect opportunity arose this week when I organized a local card swap. I wanted to share how a baking tool can roll out some gorgeous cards! 


With A Spin Rolling Pin
Paint Brush
Card stock


(1) Put paint on your cardboard.

(2) Mix your colors and spread it thin.

(3) Roll your rolling pin over the paint covering it in a thin layer.

(4) Do one roll with pressure over your card stock to transfer the pattern. Decorate your card.

This was such an easy DIY that I did it all one handed while recording! My minds already buzzing with other ways I can use this gorgeous rolling pin!

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