Game Schooling with Melissa & Doug Hangman

As a homeschooling family we use a lot of unconventional methods to educate our kids. Game schooling is one of those methods where we play and learn along the way!

Who Can Play:

Recommended age is 6+ but if your child is reading they can play!

What Is The Game:

This is the age old game of hangman on one easy board. The letters flip over when called as do the body parts. It also comes with a dry erase marker so you can play over and over again. As a homeschooling family we’re always out and about. This game has come in handy to do some “schooling” in the car or on long airplane rides. A traveling game win for our family.

Benefits For Schooling:

Practice spelling & writing as well as learn vocabulary. Physically holding a game board and flipping over letters and body parts makes it exciting for my kids.

How We Play:

My daughter is now 7 and has just gotten into the flow of reading. We use a picture dictionary while playing this game. She looks up a word, it’s spelling, & definition and I guess it! Then it’s my turn to do the same. I sometimes even team up with my 2 year old and have her flip the letters and body parts so she can learn to recognize them.

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