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3 Tips on Photographing Interiors

It was such an exciting weekend for our family hosting a commercial shoot in our home. The cinematographers came in with their equipment and got right to work and I got right to picking their brain! Since you all are always so awesome and supportive I wanted to give something back to you from this experience and share 3 tips I learned by chatting and watching the pros at work.

1) Turn Off The Lights:

Turn off all your interior lights and let the natural light in. Interior lights cast shadows taking your attention away from the design elements in the space. They also alter your colors with their concentrated glow. Natural light is softer and lets your true colors translate through the camera without the distracting shadows.

2) Get Down Low:

Get down on your knees. Sounds weird right?! When you stand and shoot a space you’re looking down on it and it distorts the lines in the room. Getting down low helps you keep your vertical lines straight creating a more pleasant perspective. Use the wall, door, and/or windows as your guide.

3) Show Layers & Depth:

Set up your frame so your eye travels from the foreground to the middle and then back. This one I think comes with practice but makes such a difference in how an interior translates through the lens.


It really was such a blessing to be a part of this experience and I’m so happy that I can pass on some of the brain pickings to you! I also wanted to add my favorite personal tip that lets me take all my pictures on my iPhone. The camera grid! You can turn it on in settings and it helps me get my lines straight from the get go.

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