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Faux Thick Books

I’m really looking forward to fall. It all started when I spotted some crunchy bright red leaves in our yard, and now I can’t get it out of my mind, but le sigh I know summers not quite over yet.

I’m starting to think up of some transitional decor to curb my fall cravings. First thing always when decorating is shop my home which is what I did. Well more liked shopped the kids craft closet. Took my daughters flimsy books she’s done with, some craft paper gift wrap, and the kiddos paint and wala the perfect prelude for the season to come. Reminds me of the crunchy leaves we’ll all be enjoying soon!


Craft paper
Lots of books
Craft paint + brush



(1) Pile up a bunch of books until you have the thickness you desire. Make sure the outer two books are the same height and the tallest in the pile. Lay them down in the center of your craft paper.

(2) Fold the top and bottom to form a crease.

(3) Fold down the creases you formed.

(4) Lay the books back in the center with the spine facing down. Open the front cover of the first book and the back cover of the last book.

(5) Put the craft paper on like a jacket onto the front cover of the first book and the back cover of the last book.

(6) Look at how nice and thick it looks- just like a real hardcover book!

(7) Go ahead and decorate and display it!

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