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Transitional Eid to Fall Wreath

I wanted to create an Eid wreath that I would be able to use for fall and it was so easy to do! I was able to make 3 wreaths for $5 with material to spare!



Wreath Forms
Fall florals
Burlap Leaves


(1) This wreath is so easy to make it doesn’t even need a breakdown, but I’ll still do it for you all. I started with the burlap leaves and stuck them into the wreath. The fact they had metal wires made it easy to get them to stay in place. A lot of people like to use a hot glue gun but since I’m always switching my decor i didn’t want it to be so permanent.

(2) Next I  cut the flower and placed it in the center using its wire as well….

(3) ….and that’s it! Hang and enjoy! so easy right?!



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