Our Not So Secret Way of Bringing Down Home Renovation Costs!

Home renovation projects can get costly when you add up all the bits and bobs you need. Some people end up compromising on the quality or design of their materials to help bring costs down but we found a way to get what we want at a more affordable price. Buy a coupon… yup, you read that right! We spend a few extra dollars and buy coupons or discounted gift cards for the specific product or store and end up saving big bucks!


There’s a couple of ways you can go around getting coupons but before i get into the where let me give you a breakdown on the how we used these coupons to save over $150 on our bathroom floor tiles.


1) We first found the tiles we liked which was coming out too $389.40. (All numbers will be before taxes since tax differs depending on where you live)

2) Then we did a quick search for the best coupon available for what our total was coming out too and figured out how many we’ll need.

2)We purchased (6) $30 off $60 in store coupon which cost us $27.60.

3) We divided our 30 tiles into 6 different purchases and applied the coupons making each order $34.90. Multiply that by 6 and add the costs of coupons and we paid $237 instead of the $389.40. That’s a savings of over $150!!


Now before I talk about where to find these coupons let’s talk about the nitty gritty fine print stuff and a word of caution.

1) Make sure you use a reliable site and buyer. Read reviews.

2) Make sure to check and see if the coupon can be used online or instore only. You don’t want to have an e-cart ready and waiting and then find out your coupon is only good for in store.

3) Check to see if it’s an instant e-delivery, takes some time e-delivery or a physical coupon that’ll be mailed to you.

4) Check the expiration and minimum purchase requirements.

5) Most of these coupons are one per customer per day. So make sure before you purchase multiples for same time use the store associate will allow it. We’ve been living at our local home renovation stores and the employees have become like family always going the extra mile for us. I’ve heard similar stories about other stores and then some stories about stores being very strict on their coupon policy.

6) Just want to reiterate to make sure to read the fine print and do your own due diligence!

And now lo and behold a quick google search for “store + coupon” brings up soo many options. This doesn’t just apply to home renovation stores. First try to hunt down the free coupons and then if nothing comes up you can use one the websites we’ve tried and tested to bring costs down:

1) Ebay and New Egg for purchasing coupons and discounted gift cards. These sites have been promising with lots of coupon options.

2) Ebates and My Points are both reward sites which can be used to purchase your coupons and then used again to buy your product l using your coupons online earning cash back or gift card points each time!

It’s so easy you now have no excuse to save big on your next home renovation project or home refresh!



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