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2020 Monthly DIY

2019 was the first year we created a monthly diy list. When we first bought our house we were making fast progress. We didn’t need a list to keep us on track. As our family grew we realized we were constantly DIYing but our progress was sooo slow because we were all over the place, working in every room at the same time. It left us feeling overwhelmed and demotivated. Come 2019 I decided on creating a monthly diy list to keep us focused on one single project for the month instead of fumbling between multiple DIYs. I use lists for everything else in life so why not our home projects?!

2013 when we signed our names on the deed of an unlivable house we also signed up for a DIY home renovation lifestyle so these projects need to get done.

The 2019 Monthly DIY list results ended up being so much better then we expected that we couldn’t wait to put together our 2020 list! 2019 we were focused, the list gave us the entire month to work on one project which helped us not be overwhelmed and by the end of the year we had worked on 3 large spaces with lots of other DIYs sprinkled in between without even realizing it!

This lists purpose was to help us keep up with the lifestyle we chose, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love sharing it with you and having you cheer us on as we ALL see the progress we made by the end of the year. You guys have been so supportive and another motivating factor in us accomplishing our projects! So here I present to you our 2020 Montly DIYs!


-Master Bathroom Electrical
-Master Bathroom Plumbing
– Master Bathroom Floors
– Master Bathroom Walls
-Master Bathroom Finishings
– Something in the yard
– Girls Room Trim + Paint
– Office Demolition
– Office Murphy Bed
-Formal Living Room Electrical
-Formal Living Room Trim + Paint
-Formal Living Room Book Wall

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